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Michael Lombard

Director of Operational Excellence


In this video, Michael says...


We have lots of challenges in healthcare. One of them is that we have the day shift, night shift, we have the week shift, and people that work on the weekends, and people that don't even work for the hospital, like physicians, that are coming and going all throughout this time.


KaiNexus gives us a source of truth for all improvement activity in the organization.


There's no doubt about who's working on what; we can see it, it's right there in the cloud, and it's accessible through many different ways.

That's the fundamental problem I think that [KaiNexus] solves for us. But it also helps us faciltiate events, if we want to do a kaizen event or project or some sort of blitz, we use KaiNexus for that, and it actually makes the process quite simple for us.