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Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Greg Jacobson Interviewed by HIStalk


Chief Product Officer and co-founder of KaiNexus, Gregory Jacobson, MD, was interviewed by the website HIStalk.

Questions include:

  1. Tell me about yourself and the company.
  2. Can you describe the product?
  3. Let’s say I signed up to use KaiNexus as a hospital with 1,000 employees who I want using it.  What does the process look like in terms of the setup and getting started?
  4. Does it also support a crowd-sourced model where staff suggest ideas that can be voted up / down, or is it more of a top-down approach where management has identified a few key initiatives to push?
  5. Does KaiNexus integrate with EHRs in any way? I would imagine that with quality improvement if you’re recording clinical metrics you might want to get that data from the EHR.
  6. KaiNexus has been around for about four years. Do you have case studies on how it has helped quality improvements?
  7. What is the pricing model?
  8. Is it a SaaS model?  Monthly subscription?


Find out how Greg answered the questions here:

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