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Why KaiNexus Trumps Homegrown Software Solutions to Continuous Improvement

  1. No additional IT resources needed

    KaiNexus is a comprehensive cloud-based solution, meaning that your IT team has no responsibility for building, maintaining, or supporting the software. In fact, they won't even have to install updates - all users are automatically signed in to the most recent version of the software every time they log in. 

    This is a big deal when it comes to saving your organization money - especially when you consider that in Texas, for example, the median annual salary for a software developer is $80 - $100K (almost $120K per year if you include benefits). This type of person would just write the code; you'd still need people to do the testing, documentation, and maintenance of the code. The cost of KaiNexus is minimal when compared to the cost of paying additional IT resources to develop an internal solution.

  2. Get a solution when you need it

    The KaiNexus software platform has over 25 person years of development behind its creation. The idealogical foundation is solid, the code is tried and true, and the bugs have been worked out. When you buy KaiNexus, you're buying the right to skip investing that much of your own company's time (and money) trying to develop internally. Sticking to what you do best and leaving the software development to the software company frees up your resources to create and improve the goods and services your customers demand. You need to realize results from your continuous improvement efforts now - quickly piecing together a homegrown solution simply isn't practical for achieving this goal.

  3. Anticipate your changing business needs, rather than react to them. 

    Business needs can change quickly and without notice, leaving homegrown software solutions outdated and irrelevant with no solution to meet new demands. The KaiNexus platform, on the other hand, is constantly developed according to the needs of our large, diverse customer base. Because of this, there is no drag time between when you realize new needs and when your software solution catches up; we're able to aggregate the needs of all of our customers to create a flexible product capable of meeting a much broader range of demands than a homegrown solution can. Our software anticipates your changing business needs; a homegrown solution merely reacts to them.
  4. Meet the needs of everyone in the organization

    We believe it's important to let you work the way you work best, which is why we don't prescribe a specific improvement methodology that must be followed with our platform. We've spent countless hours discovering the nuances of improvement work in all types of organizations, resulting in the development of an extremely flexible solution that can be adapted to fit your desired workflow. This is particularly valuable in large, diverse organizations in which a homegrown solution may fit the needs and workflow of one group of people, leaving others either struggling to change their processes to fit the software or abandoning the software altogether. By providing your staff with the comprehensive, flexible KaiNexus platform, they'll be able to continue using their own methods while KaiNexus provides the structure necessary to unify the efforts across the organization.
  5. Get support and training from our product experts

    One of the costs of implementing a homegrown software solution for continuous improvement is that of training staff in using it, both initially and indefinitely as you hire and train new staff. This can place a heavy burden on IT and HR staff, often requiring additional resources dedicated to supporting the technology. When you buy KaiNexus, you also get technical support from our team of product experts and access to a wide range of services. We help you train everyone from your leadership down to frontline staff. Available training options include on-demand training videos, live webcast sessions, and on-site training with our product experts. Our extensive Support Center allows users to quickly get help when they need it, and our support team is accessible via phone and email for those who prefer more personalized help. 


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