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Compliance Module

Everything You Need for Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Maximum Security for Confidential Improvement



Domain Restricted Email

Require that all email addresses entered in the KaiNexus system be employees' company emails.


IP Whitelisting

Permitted IP Addresses

Control traffic in and out of your improvement network. Protect your data by limiting the places from which employees can access KaiNexus.


Audit Log

Audit Log

Track your users' activity in KaiNexus with audit logs, provided upon request.


Email Safety

Content Restricted Emails

Remove sensitive information from emails to make sure that nothing confidential lands in the inbox.


Attachment 2

Disable File Attachments

Disable all users from attaching files to any item in KaiNexus to make sure nothing confidential is shared.

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Note: The Compliance Module Add-On is required for GDPR compliance and for KaiNexus to sign a BAA to be fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations.