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Add-On: KaiNexus Kiosk

Capture More Ideas

Put A Kiosk Where Your Ideas Are

The Easiest Way to Capture More Ideas


Bring KaiNexus to the Masses

You know that the best people to improve the work are the people who actually DO the work - but how do you capture those ideas if they don't have access to a computer or phone on the job?

KaiNexus Kiosk solves this problem by providing a place for any employee to simply walk up, enter their idea, and get right back to work - no matter where they work or what their job entails.

ipad Kiosk Mockup

Remove Technical Barriers

Whether your employees are on a factory floor, rushing around an office, seeing patients in the ER, or hard at work on a construction site, you want to capture their improvement ideas without complicating their day.

KaiNexus Kiosk eliminates the need for training and logging in to the app by simplifying the submission process. There's one button, one form, and no passwords. It literally couldn't be any easier.

Sync With Wallboard

Take your Kiosk one step further by syncing it with a wallboard. Increase interest and engagement by displaying a Kanban board that shows Kiosk submissions in the To Do column and the progress of those ideas as they move through Doing and Done. You can also use the wallboard to show an overview of what's going on in KaiNexus - KPIs, work-in-progress, strategy plans, etc. - so people can understand and contribute to your improvement journey without logging in.

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Huddle Board on Wall