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Recognition and Reward


Motivate. Inspire. Improve.

Incentivise Improvement with a Badge System that Rewards Engagement

Scaleable Recognition

You want your entire organization engaged in improvement, but you can't high-five everyone in real time. KaiNexus Badges make it possible to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of everyone without delay, no matter how far your improvement culture spreads.

Badge Email
Badge on a Profile

How it Works

Set up your Badge system to highlight the behaviors you want to promote. A Badge will instantly appear on the profiles of people who meet your goals, providing them with instant recognition and long-term bragging rights. Earned Badges appear in the app, on staff profiles, and in smart notifications.

Find Your Top Performers

Virtual recognition isn't going to drive your improvement culture; leaders need to bring that acknowledgement into the real world, too. KaiNexus makes it easy with a report highlighting the people who are engaged and impactful.

Badge Overview