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Incident Reporting Solution and Software

Report and Fix in One Spot


Incidents Happen, But They Should Only  Happen Once.

Improve After Every Incident


From Problem to Solution

Report incidents in KaiNexus from any device so that you can capture, implement, measure and share the subsequent improvements across your organization. Streamline the process for staff, increase visibility for leaders, and ensure that every incident results in improvement.

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Knowledge Sharing

Ensure that everyone knows why the incident happened and share the solution so that people across your organization prevent a reoccurrence. Give each improvement the maximum impact.


HIPAA Compliant

Use KaiNexus to manage incidents at a healthcare organization. Know that PHI information in reported incidents is secure with KaiNexus. With the Compliance Module Add-On, we are able to sign a BAA and be fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations.


Private Incident Reporting

A Single Source of Truth

Transferring incidents from paper to software and from person to person can be a bit like a game of “Telephone” in which the story changes a little bit every time.
Logging the Incidents and Improvements in one platform from the get go provides a consistent story and a single source of truth for everyone.


Make the transfer to KaiNexus as easy as possible by configuring the fields on your incident capture forms to match what you're currently using. Capture everything you need to report an incident, set up workflows that preserve the process that already works well for you, and ensure only the right people see the right incidents.


Improvement Fields
Smart Notifications

Stay in the Loop

Smart Notifications and Alerts track incidents and improvements through the entire cycle to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Everyone gets exactly the information they need, and nothing they don't.