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Continuous Improvement With KaiNexus at Four Seasons Produce

KaiNexus customer Erin Edwards, Continuous Improvement Manager at Four Seasons Produce, shares how her organization manages its continuous improvement efforts with KaiNexus.

In this video, Erin says...

My name is Erin Edwards; I’m the Continuous Improvement Manager at Four Seasons Produce, and my main responsibility is to support the organization with continuous improvement. My primary focus is within our operations group – the warehouse and packing areas – which includes about 250 associates across three shifts, and a 192,000 square foot refrigerated space.

Four Seasons Produce is a leading wholesale distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in Liechaster county, Pennsylvania. We service organic stores, co-ops, wholesalers, chain stores, juice bars, and other produce buyers in the mid-Atlantic and North East region.

KaiNexus helps us document all the ideas from our associates, whether it’s a one on one conversation, gemba walks with our leadership on the floor, or just an idea that a manager comes up with. It’s helping us pull those ideas together in one spot and share that. We have implemented KaiNexus in both warehouse and packing, and between those groups it has even created some synergies because they can share their ideas. It has also helped tremendously across our three shifts, in that what the night shift is doing can help the day shift, and vice versa.

By enabling us to document and track ideas like never before, KaiNexus has allowed us to focus our efforts on our associates. So we are now less worried about the administrative components like “Did we get that down?” or “What’s the return on that investment?” and more focused on the ideas of our associates and how we can help them solve those problems.

In addition to helping us document all these awesome ideas from our team, KaiNexus is helping us quantify the impact of those changes. We were unable to do that prior to KaiNexus.


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