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An Opportunity for Increased Communication

KaiNexus customer Erin Edwards, Continuous Improvement Manager at Four Seasons Produce, gives an example of how an employee-suggested opportunity for improvement resulted in improved communication and employee morale.

In this video, Erin says...

My name is Erin Edwards; I’m the Continuous Improvement Manager at Four Seasons Produce. My responsibility here at Four Seasons is to support the organization with continuous improvement. My primary focus is within our operations group – the warehouse and packing areas – which includes about 250 associates across three shifts and a 192,000 square foot refrigerated space.

Four Seasons Produce is a leading wholesale distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in Leicester County, Pennsylvania. We service organic stores, co-ops, wholesalers, chain stores, juice bars, and other produce buyers in the Mid-Atlantic and the North East region.

Our packing department has temporary associates that join us as needed based on our volume for the day. It was identified that the leads who manage those teams would like to call those associates by name, but it was a challenge because a temporary associate here today might be gone by tomorrow.

The team had the idea to lay out a blank roll of labels and a pen, and when an associate entered the department, they were able to write their name on that label and wear it on their smock for the day. This has helped with morale and communication – instead of saying “Hey, you!” or “You over there!” they can now call them by their names.

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