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What's it Like to Work at KaiNexus?

One time, on a whim, our marketing director sent each member of our team into  a room alone with a videographer, to answer the question "Why do you like working at KaiNexus?"

Here's what they said.


We're Hiring!


Configuration Specialist

We are seeking a talented, highly motivated, and energetic professional to join our Configuration Specialist team at our Austin location.

Our Configuration Specialists are the go-to resources for all things technical at KaiNexus. They support both our current and future customers along with our internal teams. Our Configuration Specialists work directly with Sales, Product Management, Customer Experience, and with our customers to configure the KaiNexus platform to solve various needs.

This role is the perfect blend of both technical and communication abilities. Our Configuration Specialists have excellent time management and problem-solving skills, and they possess the ability to communicate effectively at all levels within and outside our organization. They are highly analytical, detail-oriented, and are able to make and articulate clear, informed recommendations.

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Lean Specialist

We are seeking an experienced, self-aware, and energetic professional with Lean and Continuous Improvement experience to join our team. The perfect candidate will be a flexible and dynamic self-starter who is highly analytical, detail-oriented, and has the wisdom and experience to make clear informed recommendations in order to help our customers start, spread, and maintain a culture of continuous improvement. The position requires confidence in one's ability to lead teams and the skills to inspire others. The Lean Strategist is a key element for providing Voice of the Customer (VOC) advice to our team through the lens of a Lean and Continuous Improvement leader. 

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Interested in something else? We've been known to create positions for great people who would be an asset to our team - free to send your resume to us at  info@kainexus.com 


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