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Resources on Habits


Habit Science and Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement


Introducing the Habit Loop

Listen to this 5 minute introduction on the Habit Loop with CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Jacobson. 


Habit Science and Continuous Improvement

In this 45 min talk at KaiNexicon 2023, Greg dives into the connection between habit science and continuous improvement by summarizing the three webinars below.


Introducing the Connections between Habit Science and Continuous Improvement:

Part 1   

(1 Hour) 

  • The Importance of Habits in Continuous Improvement
  • The Science Behind Forming Habits 
  • Introducing Habit Loops
  • How Habit Loops can Transform your Organization

How to Design Organizational Habits that Propagate a Culture of Continuous Improvement: Part 2

(1 Hour)

  • Learn how to design organizational habits
  • Dive into the 3 Laws of Behavior Change
  • Examples of Cues and Rewards to Apply to Your Organization

Sustaining Continuous Improvement with Habit Science: Part 3 

(1 Hour)

  • Review Highlights of Previous Webinars
  • Connection between Personas and Habit Loops
  • Concepts on How to Sustain Organizational Habits
  • Examples of Keystone Habits