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Resources on Habits


Habit Science and Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement


Introducing the Habit Loop

Listen to this 5 minute introduction on the Habit Loop with CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Jacobson. 



Introducing the Connections between Habit Science and Continuous Improvement:

Part 1   

(1 Hour) 

  • The Importance of Habits in Continuous Improvement
  • The Science Behind Forming Habits 
  • Introducing Habit Loops
  • How Habit Loops can Transform your Organization

How to Design Organizational Habits that Propagate a Culture of Continuous Improvement: Part 2

(1 Hour)

  • Learn how to design organizational habits
  • Dive into the 3 Laws of Behavior Change
  • Examples of Cues and Rewards to Apply to Your Organization

Sustaining Continuous Improvement with Habit Science: Part 3 

(1 Hour)

  • Review Highlights of Previous Webinars
  • Connection between Personas and Habit Loops
  • Concepts on How to Sustain Organizational Habits
  • Examples of Keystone Habits