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Impact Calculator

The ROI of KaiNexus

Calculate the Impact of Improvement

Know Where You Are to Know Where You're Going

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How many employees are engaged in improvement?

How many improvements per person each year?

What is the impact of each improvement?

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How Does KaiNexus Increase Your Impact?

More People. Faster Change Rate. Bigger Impact.

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More People.

KaiNexus makes it easy for more people to engage in improvement, whether you're looking for bottom-up daily improvements or increase project participation. Features like customizable dashboards, smart notifications, and templates that match the work you're already doing lower the barrier to participation.

Using the calculator above, increase your engagement level to see how it changes your impact. Our customers see an average of $25,000 impact per year for every user in KaiNexus. That's a difference that really adds up.


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Faster Rate of Change

Every day that an improvement languishes on a spreadsheet is impact left on the table. Accelerating the completion rate at frees up your team to move on to the next project.

Increase the number of improvements per person per year in the calculator above to see the impact this has on an organization.

KaiNexus increases your rate of change by:

  1. Standardizing the way people capture, implement, measure, and share ideas to make improvement faster and easier for everyone.
  2. Increasing visibility into improvement around the organization, allowing your improvement team to maximize their time with targeted coaching.
  3. Increasing accountability with automated notifications in increased transparency into who is doing what, when.



Bigger Impact

Whether you're looking to improve quality and safety in organization or improve your bottom line, the impact of improvement matters.

KaiNexus increases the impact of individual improvements by making it easy to share good ideas around the organization so more people will see and implement them. Even more importantly, KaiNexus gets more people involved in improvement and simplifies the process so that they're each able to affect more change and drive a greater impact.

Use the impact calculator above to see what a difference more engagement and a faster cycle time will make.


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