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KaiNexus Makes Improvement Happen

Julie Lewis, MD, Professor of Medicine
Vanderbilt University Department of Medicine
Division of Nephrology



KaiNexus both helps us do more improvements, because there's an easy way to make suggestions, and it helps us complete improvements; we can track that something actually comes to a resolution.

Everybody has great intentions, and someone gets told - maybe it's even the right person - but then a week passes, two weeks pass, and people forget.


KaiNexus solves those problems for you.


If you didn't have KaiNexus to just walk over to and put [your idea] in in one second, you would try to remember it, but get busy - you might forget, you might not know who to tell it to. [With KaiNexus], the person who at that moment has got a suggestion, doesn't have to figure that out. 

The other big advantage is [that KaiNexus provides] a historical memory, because insitutions and groups don't have a great institutional memory. KaiNexus provides that for anything we work on through the KaiNexus system internally.


KaiNexus offers a lot of opportunities for improvement that otherwise just wouldn't happen.