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Customer Story: Dr. Nancy Chescheir

Professor of Obstretrics and Gynecology
UNC Health Care



In this video, Dr. Chescheir says:

For those of you involved in residency programs, I think this is a really useful adjunct to the GME requirements as well that we document that residents are involved in systems-based learning.

I can go through using KaiNexus and search by who authored the OI and report to our residency program director how many OIs that different residents have been involved with, and this is a very nice, discreet way to document this sort of activity which is one of the vaguer things in the GME requirements to document. Our residency program director has been really pleased with this.

Similarly, if part of your assessment of staff has to do with their involvement in quality and quality improvement, this is another way that you can get discreet data about that to be able to inform your HR documentation.