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Get More Improvement Ideas,
From More People


The most valuable resource in any company is the creative potential of the employees. However, most organizations struggle to capture that potential and use it to improve their businesses. Engaging employees in innovation and improvement is one of the smartest ways to ensure that your organization stays ahead of the competition.

According to the Gallup Organization, there’s a significant correlation between employee engagement and the following nine performance measures that indicate a company’s health and potential for growth:

  1. Customer Ratings
  2. Profitability
  3. Productivity
  4. Employee Turnover
  5. Safety Incidents
  6. Shrinkage (Theft)
  7. Absenteeism
  8. Patient Safety Incidents
  9. Quality (Defects)

Gallup also found that greater employee engagement correlates with higher earnings per share and that companies with more engaged employees fare better in tough economic times.

Employee engagement requires time and effort, though, and many organizations struggle to successfully engage today’s increasingly large, diverse, dispersed workforces.

The Savvy's Leader's Guide to Employee Engagement


KaiNexus Increases Engagement

The KaiNexus continuous improvement and innovation platform increases employee engagement more than any traditional tool used for continuous improvement.

Do you use spreadsheets to track and share improvements? If so, STOP.

Our customers see an average of one opportunity for improvement identified and implemented per user per year, with some customers achieving as many as four opportunities for improvement per user per year.

$6,120 = the average impact a KaiNexus user has per year on their organization’s bottom line

This means that an organization with 5,000 KaiNexus users will realize an average annual impact of $30,600,000. With that ROI, can you afford not to use KaiNexus to engage people in improvement? 

(What's the ROI of Continuous Improvement with KaiNexus? Find out here

The ROI of Improvement


How Do We Do It?

Quick Response

Nothing causes employees to mentally check out of improvement and innovation more than feeling that they aren’t being heard. They’re not going to exert the discretionary effort to identify and implement opportunities for improvement if their boss doesn’t care enough to respond quickly. Their enthusiasm for the project will wane, and they’ll be  much less likely to show that initiative again.

KaiNexus uses automatic notifications to make sure that everyone from the front line staff to the boss are communicating quickly and efficiently. There is no suggestion box or spreadsheet that the boss has to remember to check; KaiNexus sends an email with a link to the idea as soon as new ideas are identified. That way, the leaders can check out the ideas and respond to the staff right away.

Those notifications come in handy throughout the idea’s entire lifespan, keeping people updated and easily communicating assignments, questions, and answers. KaiNexus empowers leaders and employees to engage more easily than ever before.

Built-in Recognition and Reward

Even if employees are being heard, it’s demoralizing for them to not get recognition or reinforcement for ideas or improvement efforts. Companies today are dealing with employees of a new era. The millennials swarming today’s workplace have grown up with the internet, and their engagement is motivated by online social interaction and virtual “badge” reward systems.

What does this mean for your innovation and improvement efforts? That you need KaiNexus.

Employees today aren’t motivated by the old “carrot and stick” methods of the past that relied on financial incentives and rewards. The “employee of the month” status just doesn’t appeal to this crowd. Instead, millennials want instantaneous recognition, and rewards that come in the form of online “badges” are fun, familiar, and don’t just have one individual winner. Give them recognition, and you’ll see a rise in engagement. In fact, 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are predicted to use such gamification to boost engagement, revenue, and retention.

KaiNexus provides a unique badge system tailored to meet this demand. Each user has a personal profile on which they receive badges as they accomplish different things in the system, like submitting their first improvement idea or winning a challenge. Everyone can see this information, creating an atmosphere of healthy competition that pushes for deeper, more widespread engagement.


There’s no benefit to improving on the sly; that’s the kind of work that you want to shout off the rooftops! When you broadcast improvements and innovative ideas, you encourage engagement by:

Encouraging healthy competition 

“Jim’s idea saved the department $230/year? I’ve been sitting on this idea that can save at least $300, I should submit that one.”

Sharing best practices

“Karen’s department saved $800 per year by printing internal documents on both sides of the paper? I can do that here too!”

Encouraging more people to participate 

“Look at all of these great ideas! Everyone else is using KaiNexus; I should use it for my great ideas too.”

Virtual high-five recognition

“Way to go, Tom. I’m thrilled with your contribution, and I want to make sure everyone knows how happy I am with you!”


But wait, you say. I use spreadsheets to manage my improvement work, and it would take way too long for me to write company emails to share every idea!

That’s why you need KaiNexus.

KaiNexus does all of the legwork for you. As each opportunity for improvement is resolved, leaders get to easily decide if, when, and with whom they’d like to broadcast the idea. Then, KaiNexus takes care of doing the rest, sending a single nightly email summary of everything your team needs to know.

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