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No Solution? Submit Anyway.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Mark Graban from KaiNexus, where we make improvement happen.

If you find yourself being frustrated at work, there’s likely a process problem of some sorts that’s behind it. If you can, try to think about what the cause of that frustration is. That’s an opportunity for improvement, as we can work together to minimize or eliminate that frustration.

When you have a problem or a frustration, you might not have a solution, and that’s okay. Some managers like to say “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.” Well, we encourage you to think differently with KaiNexus. Identifying a problem and bringing it forward - that’s fantastic! That’s a great thing to capture in KaiNexus, as that gets the improvement process going. One of your colleagues might have an idea, or maybe your manager - or maybe someone from another department does. KaiNexus helps you involve everyone. While they might not have noticed the problem, they could have the perfect solution in mind. So that’s why it’s great for you to point out problems! KaiNexus turns those problems into a constructive, productive discussion that leads to things getting fixed.

Before KaiNexus, you might have just said something about the problem to your manager while passing in the hallway. but keep in mind that people only remember about ten percent of what they hear. One of our KaiNexus users, who happens to be a manager at her company, told us she always makes a point to remind people to enter problems into the KaiNexus system. She’s a stickler for capturing problems or frustrations as opportunities for improvement, and you should be to.

It’s easy enough to log an opportunity for improvement into KaiNexus through your web browser or your mobile phone. Our system then automatically notifies your manager so they, or your colleagues, can work with you later on that opportunity. Using KaiNexus ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. Identifying an opportunity for improvement is a great first step. If you can identify and log problems, then you’re contributing to improvement. Keep in mind, though that KaiNexus isn’t a system for venting or merely complaining about things or other people - it’s about identifying legitimate opportunities for improvement that would benefit our customers, our colleagues, and our organization. 

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