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Customer Story: Dr. Nancy Chescheir


Professor of Obstretrics and Gynecology
UNC Health Care



In this video, Dr. Chescheir says:


I was trying to empower our faculty and staff – residents, nurses, secretaries, and others in the department – to embrace a culture of change and to understand how important it was for them to communicate to everyone how things could be improved.

We started in Labor and Delivery. Labor and Delivery is an interesting area if you’ve ever worked there in that it is formed of multiple teams and people have to be able to react very quickly, make rapid decisions. And having a team that works together well and having all the pieces falling into place correctly lubricates the system and allows for high-quality care.

So we’ve been using KaiNexus at the University of North Carolina for over a year now, first in the Labor and Delivery area and now also in our outpatient area. It really taught me the power of this idea of finding a place to promote communication of small point of care quality programs and improvement programs, and we have a large number of Opportunities for Improvement coming through that have already begun to make a difference.