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A Holistic Assessment

KaiNexus provides metrics that show employee engagement levels and impact of improvement efforts at all levels of the organization. It's easy to get a holistic view of the performance of the entire organization, and to drill down into various departments, work areas, and individual profiles for additional details.

KaiNexus' continuous improvement impact reports provide easy-to-view graphs, providing details about ROI of continuous improvement and other impacts, available any time, any place. A monthly overview email is also sent to leaders so that they can quickly see the progress their staff is making, straight to their inboxes.

Strategy Dashboard
KaiNexus X-Matrix

Creating a Shared Vision & Goal

KaiNexus makes it easy to identify objectives and communicate them to the entire organization by allowing leaders to create customized lists of strategic initiatives, categories and priorities.

As opportunities for improvement are created and resolved in KaiNexus, people have the ability to select which overarching goal each opportunity addresses. This ensures that most every improvement, large or small, is in line with the organization's True North objectives.

Planning & Collaboration

Which each opportunity for improvement, teams can collaborate by commenting on opportunities and assigning tasks, to ensure that a maximum level of understanding has been reached. An additional benefit of logging this information in KaiNexus is that it creates an improvement knowledge repository
Planning and Collaboration
Weighted Score on an OI

Prioritization of Resources

When there are a plethora of improvements to be made, it's important that senior leaders guide stakeholders to make objective, strategic decisions about what should be prioritized. Creating a custom weighted scoring system allows people at all levels of the organization to evaluate the complexity, risk, priority, etc.  of any initiative based on predetermined criteria.

Improvements can be better targeted toward True North objectives when priorities and targets are clearly defined and shared.

Widespread Engagement

Full employee engagement is a critical element of any improvement discipline, which is why KaiNexus uses a variety of features including smart notifications to improve communication and share improvements, as well as built-in recognition to encourage widespread participation. The software is easy enough to use that there's a low barrier to engagement; most staff will need little to no training.

Opportunities for improvement can be entered into KaiNexus on the fly using a computer, email, and our iPhone app. This allows employees to engage in continuous improvement without disrupting their workflow, resulting in maximum participation.

User Engagement Summary

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Executive Leadership

When executive leadership creates a strategic plan, they can enter their objectives into KaiNexus. As opportunities for improvement are created and resolved, they can be tagged to one or more objectives, ensuring that everyone is aware of those objectives and that all improvements are aligned in that direction.

Charts can be easily created that track data regarding achieving those organizational goals, showing progress in quick, easy snapshots. Leaders can set up active notifications to let them know when an opportunity for improvement addresses the objective that they're responsible for, thus ensuring that they're able to stay on top of everything.

X-Matrix in KaiNexus
User Activity Board

Middle Management

Middle management can easily drill down into KaiNexus reports to see how their departments are doing in addressing each objective, easily toggling back and forth between the department level and the various work groups below.

They can also use the KaiNexus system to reach out to the leaders below them to provide additional coaching and support.

Front-Line Leaders

Leaders on the front line can also benefit from the KaiNexus reports, by seeing how their work groups are performing and comparing this performance to that of other areas in the organization. Each user's profile shows their contribution to continuous improvement efforts and impacts, making it easy for front line leaders to see who deserves recognition for their efforts (thereby encouraging more engagement), and who needs additional coaching.

This level of visibility into the details of the daily work on the front lines allows for the adjustment of departmental tactics and operational details. KaiNexus active notifications create a valuable feedback loop between staff, managers, and executive leadership, ensuring that the improvement work proceeds on track toward True North. 

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