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Lean Management System

A Platform for Success


Spread Improvement to Outperform Your Competition.What's The Secret? KaiNexus.

  • KaiNexus has enabled us to harness our energy for improvement by giving us the structure we needed to support and encourage our improvement culture.
  • When we first started to spread improvement across our entire health network, tracking everything was overwhelming. KaiNexus solved this problem for us.
  • We have improvement at all levels from big value stream transformations to ‘just do it’ on the front lines. KaiNexus is an important part of it all.

The Right Lean Management System Makes a
World of Difference

Improvements and Projects

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Spread. Scale. Sustain.

KaiNexus unites everyone around Lean, engaging everyone from your front lines to the executive suite to harness the power of your organization's improvement potential. The result? 

A Lean culture that spreads, scales, and sustains.