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Quality Improvement Software for Automotive Manufacturing


Leading Auto Manufacturing Organizations Partner with KaiNexus toFlourish in a Hyper-Competitive, Rapidly Changing Landscape


The automotive manufacturing industry has entered a period of dramatic change. Customers are buying fewer new vehicles and keeping them longer. There's also a trend toward sustainable vehicles and a new type of competition from ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.  As a result of transformed expectations, automotive manufactures are looking inward for solutions. For many, the answer will be a structured approach to quality improvement.

Quality improvement requires focusing on the consumer's needs, keeping employees engaged and empowered, and constantly making adjustments to processes related to production, administration, finance, facilities, and more. It requires effective problem-solving, cross-functional collaboration, and leadership.

While the concept of continuous improvement is not new to the automotive sector, today’s most successful organizations take a modern approach to improvement by deploying software designed to help manage the journey toward perfection. KaiNexus is proud to help our auto manufacturing clients reach their goals with tools that support executives and frontline staff every step of the way. Our customers use our real-time data to increase productivity, reduce cost, and improve quality control at all stages of production.

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How Does KaiNexus Power Improvement
in Automotive Manufacturing?

Unify Scale Support


Unify Improvement Across Large Organizations

One of the central ideas of quality improvement for auto manufacturing is that everyone in the organization can
identify opportunities for improvement. Occasionally, ideas for innovation start with the executive team, but they are often generated by frontline assembly workers, floor supervisors, supply chain managers, facility managers, operations professionals, and more. Paying attention to inputs from floor workers makes it possible to implement quality control at the earliest stages of production, but how are you supposed to get everyone on the same page in a large, dispersed organization? KaiNexus provides the standardization, accessibility, customization, and simplicity that large auto manufacturers need to unify improvement efforts from the frontlines to managers and executives.


Cross-Functional Collaboration

Most auto manufacturing organizations find that the most waste occurs when transitioning from one team or functional area to another. Therefore, most of the improvement ideas that will have the most significant impact on cost reduction require cross-functional collaboration. KaiNexus unifies the organization by giving every department one platform to work from and a consistent language for improvement activities.

Robust Search Capabilities

KaiNexus will become your organization's repository of institutional knowledge. We've made it easy to find past improvements, A3s, PDSAs, and value stream maps based on keywords or categories of projects. Our most successful customers make it standard practice to build on past successes and learn from unsuccessful projects.

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Improvement Broadcasting

When a process improvement is implemented, it is essential to recognize and acknowledge the people who made it possible. Sharing results and celebrating success is how leaders create a culture that prizes improvement and shares the successes of teams so others can implement the same changes. KaiNexus makes this a natural part of the process with our improvement broadcasting features.

International Collaboration

When your organization has facilities around the globe, it's critical that your quality improvement platform facilitates multiple languages, connects people across time zones, and accounts for multiple currencies. KaiNexus does these and more, making international collaboration possible regardless of where you are or what language you speak.

Advanced ROI Production

Strategy Deployment

Continuous improvement only happens when everyone is working toward the same goals. Ideally, all improvement projects are linked to the most important strategic goals of the organization. KaiNexus aids leaders in strategy deployment as they cascade goals down from the corporate level to individual goals. Our goal-setting features give everyone a clear view of their role in achieving the objectives necessary to win in the marketplace.

Incident Reporting

Incidents happen, but they should only happen once. Report any kind of incident from safety to equipment in KaiNexus so you can ensure every incident leads to an improvement. Ensure that everyone knows why the incident happened and share the solution so that people across your organization prevent a reoccurrence. Give each improvement the maximum impact.


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Scale Improvement

How Do You Engage Your Entire Organization?

Data Visualization

People comprehend images much more quickly and accurately than text. That’s why the KaiNexus solution for auto manufacturing includes charts, graphs, and dashboards that make the progress of projects and the health of improvement culture immediately clear. 

Threshold Chart
Major Strategy Dashboard

Configurable Views and Boards

Workers adopt any software tool that doesn't help them complete tasks more efficiently and accurately. That's why improvement management software must be configurable so that each employee gets the information in a format that makes sense for their role and responsibilities. This is especially important in automotive manufacturing, where there are many widely varied roles.  KaiNexus can be configured so that everyone has access to the information they need.

Activity, Engagement, & Impact Reports

Auto manufacturing leaders are responsible for creating a culture that supports the pursuit of continuous improvement. Achieving this goal requires deep insight into the people, teams, and departments that are actively engaged in positive change. KaiNexus provides that knowledge with real-time reports that detail the number of improvement projects in progress, the people involved, and how that work impacts important system metrics like cost reduction and increased productivity.

17_04 User Activity Board

Active Notifications and Alerts

To speed up the pace of quality improvement, KaiNexus includes email notifications and alerts to keep everyone up to speed on each improvement project's progress. Notifications let supervisors know when a new opportunity for improvement has been submitted and requires review. Alerts make it clear when a deadline is coming up so that managers can make sure that no project falls through the cracks.

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Let Us Support You

Your Success is Our Success


World-Class Service

When you partner with KaiNexus, you're assigned a dedicated account team that dives headfirst into your improvement culture. We identify how you currently do things, what you'd like to improve, and what your goals are. Then we work hand-in-hand to customize KaiNexus to fit your precise needs.


Custom Training

Technical difficulties should never stand between your people and improvement. That's why our team customizes a training regime specific to your organization. You'll get a combination of live and recorded custom training sessions that address your unique priorities, use-cases, and team members.


Advanced Security

Data security must always be a top concern for automotive organizations implementing software of any type. It is especially important when the solution involves managing confidential improvement work. With KaiNexus, there's no need for concern.