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six_sigma_kainexusThe KaiNexus software platform helps you manage Six Sigma projects, along with your Kaizen Events and other Opportunities for Improvement that are driven by a focus on daily continuous improvement. Regardless of which improvement method (or combination of methods) your organization uses, KaiNexus is your single, integrated source for housing all of the information regarding your improvement work.


KaiNexus Allows You To:

Propose Projects To Improve Key Business Goals and Objectives

KaiNexus makes it easy for your staff and leaders to submit Opportunities for Improvement targeted toward specific organizational strategies. Leaders can easily create and manage larger projects in KaiNexus, and executive management has access to quick and easy 360 degree views of the progress and impact of their work.

Formally Charter Projects Using Your Own Documentation and Templates

With a unique method of structured improvement management, KaiNexus lets your organization work the way it works best, without superimposing strict standards or methodologies on your improvement efforts. The documentation and templates that you already use can be stored in KaiNexus, so your staff does not have to learn a new way to manage their daily improvement work.

Improve Your Teamwork

Communication among diverse, disparate teams is difficult in most organizations. KaiNexus improves the way teams work on projects by making that communication smooth and effortless, allowing for direct communication, regular project updates, and active notifications that keep the right people informed about relevant information at the appropriate time.

Track and Store Key Data and Metrics

Keeping all of your project information and communication in one place is critical for high efficiency and reliability in your process. That’s why KaiNexus has a feature that allows you to track and store all of the key data points and relevant metrics related to each of your projects. It’s easy to log this information, and then it’s available - now, and in the future - to anyone who needs to see it.

Resolve and Document the Project and Results

Accurately resolving and documenting your process, conclusion, and impact is critical to establishing a successful continuous improvement process. KaiNexus makes this step simple, capturing all necessary information in a structured resolution process that streamlines your project reporting across the organization.

Report and Measure The Overall Benefits Driven By Your Six Sigma Program

KaiNexus provides reporting capabilities that show the impact of your Six Sigma program at all levels of the organization. You can see the impact of specific individuals, work areas, or the entire organization, as KaiNexus calculates the cumulative impact of your improvement work for you. 

KaiNexus takes the guess work out of determining the ROI of your Six Sigma program.


KaiNexus is a hub for your CAPA improvement process:

Identify and Investigate Quality Problems

Using KaiNexus, your staff can quickly and easily log the quality problems that they identify on the front line. These ideas are then automatically shared with the relevant leaders, who can either choose to investigate the problem themselves or delegate the investigation to a more appropriate person. Updates can be posted in KaiNexus, keeping the person who identified the problem and all other relevant people apprised of any necessary information.

Correct Nonconforming Products and Other Quality Problems

Teams can work together in KaiNexus to solve quality problems, using our communication and active notification features to keep everyone in the loop and ensure adequate follow up and efficiency. They can assign tasks to ensure the correct steps are taken, and when the problem has been resolved, they can document their efforts in KaiNexus.

Preventing Recurrence of Those Issues

When Opportunities for Improvement are resolved in KaiNexus, leaders have the option to broadcast those resolutions throughout the organization. That way, the best practices identified during the course of correcting the problems can be easily disseminated throughout the organization for more widespread adoption. Staff can also access the KaiNexus institutional body of knowledge to research previously identified and corrected problems, thus saving themselves the effort of re-solving these same problems, ensuring that your Six Sigma work has a sustained impact on the organization.

Eliminating Possible Causes of Potential Issues

KaiNexus doesn’t just provide a way to keep track of processes that ARE a problem; staff and leaders can also use the system to identify processes that COULD BE a problem in the future, and resolve them before they ever become an issue. Again, broadcasting the identified process improvement via KaiNexus spreads the information, ensuring that these potential issues are nipped in the bud organization-wide before they become a problem.