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6th Annual KaiNexus User Conference

KaiNexicon 2022

May 23-25, 2022  |  Austin, TX


2022 KaiNexicon On-Demand Highlights 

How the Strategic Visioning Experience Advances Inclusion and Engagement

Deondra Wardelle, a visionary leader and speaker, joined us as a keynote speaker at KaiNexicon 2022. Watch this recording where Deondra shares the power of  'Strategic visioning.’ ‘Strategic visioning’ is a way to look at strategic planning through a different lens—a lens of connecting policy with Continuous Improvement and cultivating an environment where inclusion and engagement strive.


My Favorite Mistake, Your Favorite Mistake? Learning From Mistakes as Individuals and Organizations

Mark Graban, KaiNexus Senior Advisor, shares answers during his keynote from professionals in all industries when asked the question 'What is your favorite mistake?', along with his favorite mistake, and how viewing mistakes as positives helps individuals and organizations to perform their best. 


Increasing Engagement in KaiNexus

Watch this recording to hear how three of our customers - Mondi, Henry Ford Health Systems & Abbott Nutrition - keep their organizations highly engaged in KaiNexus and the best practices they implement to do so. 

Collaborating in KaiNexus

Hear from three unique customers - Christian Care Ministry, Gilead Sciences, and The Standard Group - share something they all have common: the successful way they have set up KaiNexus to collaborate effectively. 

Deployment by Scale

These three customers - UMass Memorial Health, The Wonderful Company, and Align Technology - share how they strategically - and successfully - launched KaiNexus across their organizations.