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An Opportunity for Improved Satsifaction at Array Architects

KaiNexus customer Jonathan Bykowski, Principal and Practice Area Leader, Continuous Improvement for Array Architects, gives an example of an opportunity to improve emplyee performance and satisfaction. 



In this video, Jonathan says...

We had another staff member submit a suggestion that perhaps we weren’t being as rigorous as we could be with our annual employee review process. Our employees are our greatest resource, and really our only true resource. We’re a company of thought leaders and we provide a knowledge-based service, so our staff is our most important asset. And to think that perhaps we weren’t getting the best value we could out of a resource management or employee review process was obviously a huge gap that we realized we needed to fill immediately.

So we created a cross disciplinary team that represented upstream and downstream customers and stakeholders and, over a period of several months, completely reinvented the way that we handle employee reviews, and created a much more robust process that is bidirectional and continuous throughout the year, and doesn’t rely on the notion of a once-a-year annual checkpoint.


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