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Customer Story: An Example of a Just Do It Managed in KaiNexus at Array Architects


KaiNexus customer Jonathan Bykowski, Principal and Practice Area Leader, Continuous Improvement for Array Architects, gives an example of an employee-generated Just Do It managed in KaiNexus. 


In this video, Jonathan says...

We recently moved into a new headquarters and as part of our firms ongoing commitment to sustainability, we used it as an opportunity to get rid of all of our disposable dishware in our pantry and our bistro, so as part of our effort to make sure that there was no difficulty in that transition, we installed two dishwashers in our new space and thought we had set up a very simple process – one clean, one dirty. It turned out that that wasn’t quite so simple and that there was often confusion about which one was clean and which one was dirty.

One of our staff members submitted an opportunity for improvement (an OI) through KaiNexus – our virtual Kaizen board – and pretty rapidly our industrial engineer and our graphic designer got together, decided they could repurpose a pair of magnetic nametags that we use for our interviews, and make a quick and dirty and clean on brand magnet, and *poof* solved the problem. That was our Just Do It that I think took us all of about an hour to fix.


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