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Over $800,000 saved in a KaiNexus WorkOut!

WorkOutIn May 2014, MGMC completed a KaiNexus WorkOut that resulted in significant cost savings, revenue generation, and time savings. 


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Karen Kiel Rosser, VP, discusses the WorkOut


In this video, Karen says:

KaiNexus gave us the framework to quantify our projects. We've been doing projects for the last three years - Rapid Improvement Events, Value Stream Mapping events - a number of quality improvement activities have been going on, but we haven't really quantified all our projects the way we knew we should. We were looking for a system, and KaiNexus was a great system to work with. KaiNexus helped us quantify those results and projects a little more easily. 

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Interview with Brian Dieter - CEO


In this video, Brian says...

We’re a 220 bed community hospital; we’ve been on a Lean Journey for several years, although we haven’t formally identified it as a “Lean Journey.” We specifically tried to avoid a lot of the jargon. We just want to make it simple – let’s get the people closest to the work involved in improving the work. And if we do that over and over again, we do it daily, one of the things we’ve said is we want to get better at getting better.

We want to get better at getting better.

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[Podcast] Karen Kiel Rosser, VP, Discusses Lean and Baldridge Success

Back in December, Mary Greeley received the “Gold Achievement” recognition from the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE). That's the state level award for the national Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and it's really impressive. Karen was interviewed by our Mark Graban in episode #218 of his Lean Podcast series about how Lean and other continuous imrprovement strategies were key to their Baldrige success to date and their future goals of national recognition.

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