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New York Methodist Hospital 

Here at KaiNexus, we have the great pleasure of watching our customer organizations identify and implement opportunities for improvement. It's so interesting to see what ideas people in such a wide array of industries come up with for making their work places better. 

New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY began using the KaiNexus software platform earlier this year, and have since identified about 150 opportunities for improvement that improve quality of service, boost staff and patient satisfaction, increase safety, and save over 5,000 hours of time. They're great at identifying opportunities for improvement that look small on the surface, yet have a deep impact on the organization.

Here are some examples of their work:

Improving Isolation Procedures


In July 2014, someone in the Emergency Department noticed that there was a problem with the way isolation patients were being handled in the ED. When someone checked in to the hospital with a highly contagious disease such as MRSA or was identified as immunocompromised and needing reverse isolation, they were immediately placed in isolation. This protects both the patients and the hospital staff. In theory, this worked fine... but ED staff knew that the system was flawed. The person who submitted this opportunity for improvement realized that in the past week, three patients had been put on isolation without the nurses being notified, so proper protective procedures were not followed.

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Standard Work

A resident at New York Methodist Hospital noticed that the overhead PA system didn't appear to be working properly in a couple of areas in the Emergency Department. He diligently logged that observation in KaiNexus to start the ball rolling on fixing it.

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