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Pella Regional Health Center


"Things change all the time. Whether it's a department moving to a different physical location in the facility or staffing, we have to keep up with that and make sure that we're continuously improving — always striving to make things the best for our patients."

Shawna Forst |  Service Excellence Manager


2023 Nexie Winner | The Ofie Award

The Ofie Award is given every year to a team that captures the spirit of joy and continuous improvement represented in our mascot, Ofie.

The team at Pella Regional Health works hard - and has a good time doing it. They approach the platform with a sense of fun and enthusiasm and are always willing to share their immense knowledge and experience with other customers. This team is a delight to work with. They’re a true partner of KaiNexus, always helping to make us better - be that through enhancement requests, participating in webinars, or finding new ways to engage their users to get involved.