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Do You Know the True Impact of Your Innovation and Improvement Efforts?

KaiNexus customers do.


KaiNexus gives customers direct insight into the true measurable impact of their innovation and improvement efforts. With a 360-degree view of their impact, it's no wonder we're often told that this visibility is one of our platform's greatest features.

Use our impact calculator, created using data reported by our customers, to determine the potential impact of KaiNexus on YOUR organization's innovation and improvement efforts.


Calculate Impact


KaiNexus provides a single format for impact reporting that is utilized by every person and every team throughout the organization as they resolve each Opportunity for Improvement. This impact reporting takes place at every level, from small ideas from front line staff to top-down improvement efforts such as projects, value stream mapping events, and Kaizen events.

Once the impact of each Opportunity for Improvement is recorded in this standard form, KaiNexus aggregates metrics guaranteed to compare apples to apples, taking the guess work out of comparing the impact of different scopes of work, teams, and work areas. Your staff are free to work the way they work best using the individualized processes that have proven successful for them, but still have a way to report their impact in a way that’s standardized across the organization.

We are able to aggregate the impact from all of our customers, making our baseline data a highly accurate comparison tool when evaluating the health of innovation and improvement efforts.