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Customer Story: Michael Lombard

Director of Operational Excellence



In this video Michael says...

So in our application of the Toyota Kata method we see improvement happen at all different levels – whether it be a big value stream transformation at the top level, or a medium-sized department-led process improvement, or it could be a “just do it” on the frontlines.

Regardless of the size of the project we’re finding that KaiNexus can help us.

For example, at the top level on a big strategic project we might have a cross-departmental level team come in for an all-day workshop, and they might brainstorm dozens of different ideas. Instead of those ideas living on a little stickynote and being stuck in a drawer somewhere, we can load that in and now it’s in the cloud, live and living color, and  we can really do much more with those ideas coming out of these big workshops or these big all day Kaizen events. So that helps us at the strategic level.

At that medium level – departmental improvements being led by operational leaders – we’re seeing that the Toyota Kata approach can be crosswalked over into the OI – or Opportunity for Improvement – of KaiNexus. We’re starting to experiment with that; it’s still kind of a work in progress, but we’re seeing some real nice correlation there.

On the frontline level, we’re starting to see the fundamental use case for KaiNexus come in to play which is “I have a small idea, an incremental improvement. I can submit it. I can take action on it.” And that really engages those clinicians in the ER, the OR, wherever they may be.