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UMass Memorial Health is the largest health care system in Central Massachusetts. 

UMass Memorial Health CEO, Dr. Dickson, first advocated for a Continuous Improvement Program at UMMH when he became the CEO in 2013. Shortly afterward, they launched their first idea system. Over the years, they tried plenty of different idea systems ranging in complexity from paper records to SharePoint. When the Pandemic hit in March 2020, they needed a digital tool to gather ideas and support their CI work while many teams transitioned to work from home. The need for that kind of tool led UMMH to roll out KaiNexus, internally branded as Innovation Station. 

"It's all about our culture - being around process improvement, our caregivers, and our patients. We're striving to be the best place to get care and give care."

Penny Iannelli | Chief Transformation Officer, UMass Memorial Health




Using KaiNexus to Contribute Ideas


Learn How UMass Memorial Health Reached 100,000 Ideas



Read the blog here!

KaiNexicon 2022: Customer Spotlight - UMass Memorial Health

At our KaiNexicon User Conference 2022, Cliona Archambeault, Senior Director of Process Improvement at UMass Memorial Health, joined us on stage as a presenter. Cliona shared the background of previous Idea Systems, how they transformed their physical Idea System into KaiNexus, and how they reached 100,000 ideas in their system. 

Watch the video of Cliona’s presentation for more, or read the recap here.

2023 Nexie Winner | Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Nexie is awarded each year to a team that goes above and beyond to support and grow continuous improvement at their organization. 

UMass Memorial Health has continued to engage their employees by supporting a myriad of initiatives in KaiNexus. From Lean Belt certifications to Grant Funding, if you can think of it, they have probably done it. Not only does this team selflessly support the employees at their organization, they do so in all of the right ways. They embrace and welcome curiosity and innovation. They face challenges head-on. They listen to the people around them and are always willing to grow and listen. We can't wait to continue on this journey together!


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