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8th Annual KaiNexus User Conference

KaiNexicon 2024

May 20-22, 2024  |  Austin, TX


On-Demand Content

Deep Excellence: Culture of Improvement
John Quirke
KaiNexicon 2024 John Quirke Keynote

Taking insights from our new book Deep Excellence, John will challenge the concept of a ‘culture of improvement’.

It is not culture that drives real improvement, it is the expression of behaviors that make improvement happen. It is only at this point can organizations get serious about measuring the behaviors behind improvement. But more importantly, organizations need to focus on and eliminate the behaviors that stop real improvement from happening. With this clarity comes a review of current business systems, and their ability to either enable or disable desired behaviors.

We can all get busy ‘doing improvement’ and yet our businesses remain sub-optimal. Given our growing resource constraints and pressing environmental boundaries, this is no longer acceptable. Being a good ancestor is not only a personal call to action, but it is now a pressing moral obligation for all businesses.

The Praise Paradox
Elisabeth Swan

KaiNexicon 2024 Elisabeth Swan Keynote

Would you like better employee retention? More productive employees? You have incredible power to influence how people feel—which affects how they perform. The vision we have of ourselves often fails to match the image held by those who work for or with us. Our work lives are much more gratifying when we have the kind of influence we want. Regardless of position, we all have the power to drive positive behavior in others. And it all begins with praise.
Author, and problem-solving ambassador, Elisabeth Swan brings a fun, engaging approach to the science behind human behavior, praise, and the lasting effects. Knowing how we’re hardwired frees us up to take advantage in ways that benefit not just ourselves, but those around us.
By mining some of the micro-lessons from the award-winning Picture Yourself a Leader, you’ll come away with new ways to make tiny adjustments that have outsized impact.


The Wonderful Company 2024 KaiNexicon Presentation

The Wonderful Company

The Wonderful Company team shares how WOW Hub, their internal name for KaiNexus, enhancements have increased engagement in continuous improvement efforts throughout the entire company.

Mary Greeley Medical Center KaiNexicon 2024 Presentation

Senior Leaders Habit Loop
Mary Greeley Medical Center

Karen Kiel Rosser, a representative from Mary Greeley Medical Center, discusses how she utilized habit loops to boost KaiNexus engagement.


Yili Oceania 2024 KaiNexicon Presentation

Improving Process Management
Yili Oceania

Westland Milk Products shares how they were able to drive efficiency and improvement by transitioning their processes from email, excel, and physical whiteboards to KaiNexus.

Jack Henry 2024 KaiNexicon Presentation

Building User Knowledge with WalkMe Integration
Jack Henry

The Jack Henry team explains how they successfully rolled out CIMS (Continuous Improvement Management System), their internal name for KaiNexus, to their users at a large scale.

2024 KaiNexicon Presentation Cleveland Clinic

Maturing Organizational Alignment with KaiNexus
Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic team shares how they utilize OKRs in KaiNexus as a goal setting tool to accomplish Organizational Alignment.

Mark Graban KaiNexicon 2024 Presentation

Warning: Signs! From Cautionary Commands to Proactive Prevention
Mark Graban

In this talk, Mark Graban shares a light-hearted examination of these signs and leads a discussion on a better alternative: mistake-proofing. Using photos and examples, Mark shares practical tips about the types of mistake-proofing and how they can benefit any organization.

KaiNexus Product Sessions

Year in Review

The KaiNexus team shares our year in review. Hear about our most exciting new features, enhancements, and more from the last 365 days.

View Slides


Product Roadmap

In this session led by the KaiNexus Product Team, we'll be diving into the product roadmap for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for a big announcement!View Slides


KaiNexpert Fair One-Pagers

Boards by Persona

It’s important to set up your Boards to support your Users for their unique needs and responsibilities in KaiNexus. That’s why we build Boards based on Persona. Here are some examples and tips for creating an engaging Board!

Tying Impact to CI Work

Analyzing, tracking, and talking about improvement efforts are some of the most important initiatives an organization can take to ensure it meets its strategic objectives and outperforms the competition.


KaiNexus Showroom allows you to take a deep dive into KaiNexus to learn about best practices with your different users - and your specific use case - in mind. 


Reports help assess the health of your improvement culture with impact, activity, and engagement metrics that matter most. Here's how to maximize your improvement coach efforts using KaiNexus Reports.

Milestones & Stage Gates

Milestones and Stage Gates help facilitate approvals and mark checkpoints, giving you structure, guidance, and accountability in your improvement process.

Habits Calendar

The Habits Calendar helps visualize daily activity patterns over time, encourage people to sign in, clear notifications, and interact with the system daily.


By leveraging Goals, you can incentivize your team to generate more ideas, accomplish a set number of projects, or attain significant Impact milestones.